Popinjay: Aubrey’s Story, Part Three–Conclusion

Within fifteen minutes of the assignation of President James, 87 congressmen, 36 senators, 15 governors, eleven generals, and six supreme court justices were dead. So were the CEOs of Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, Intel, Walmart, and a dozen other billion-dollar-a-year companies that had championed the liberal, progressive agenda for the past fifty years.

My Name is Mike, and I’m a Writer: Writing is Like an Addiction Step Program

There is more of craft in writing than art. I know a few of the MFA Creative Writing gurus will disagree. However, writers have more in common with blacksmiths than with philosophers. We hammer away at the forge of Story, pounding our red hot words into a shape that will not only be pleasing to our readers but also purposeful and useful.

Popinjay: Aubrey’s Story, Part Two

The irony of the situation wasn’t lost on her. Having been branded a neo-eugenicist as well as a racist and fascist—even baby killer—for decades, Dr. Zeman was now being hailed as the savior of humanity with her creation of the synthetic Z Chromosome that had virtually stopped not only genetic gender birth defects but a myriad of genetic birth defects as well.