Building the World of Popinjay Part Three: Gender as the Currency of Power

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Building the World of Popinjay Part Three: Gender as the Currency of Power

by LMG Swain

Sub-Part Two of Three

“Girls will be boys and boys will be girls
It’s a mixed up muddled up shook up world except for Lola
La-la-la-la Lola”
“Lola” by Ray Davies, The Kinks

Gender as a form of Currency. It’s not as far-fetched as one imagines. In fact, Gender has been at the forefront of currency since creation. As stated in a previous post, two forces drive all species: the need to eat and the need to procreate.

Yes, even the asexual, self-procreating species must seek nutrients in order to undergo the process of recreating themselves.

So, why Gender as a Currency of Power in Popinjay?

gender-fluidity-1024x683In American culture and society today, Gender (as well as Race) is everything, though few will admit this. All life is divided by Gender, no matter what.

It’s a trend among some hipsters today not to reveal the Gender of their newborns. They claim they want to raise the child free of the Gender restraints imposed upon them by society.

Bullshit. The minds of Males and Females are different, react differently, and think differently. Male and Female bodies form differently even in childhood. The parents raising this Gender-free child is practicing a form of socially acceptable child abuse. You can no more raise a child Gender-free than you can raise a child Race-free.

The color of the skin will always be there. The genitals will always be there.

If society is treating someone unfairly because of race or gender, society is not going to be changed by ignoring Race and Gender. Society can only be changed through education, understanding, acceptance, and celebrating our Racial and Gender differences.

ken_gijoeWalk through the toy section of any store: the toys are segregated by Gender. Even the colors are different: harsh, strong colors in the boys’ toy section; soft pastels in the girls. The male dolls for girls have soft, attractive features. These dolls look somewhat androgynous and even gay. The male dolls (I mean action figures) in the boys’ section are rough, tough, have scars, large square jaws, burr haircuts or beards, and come with weapons.

Tanks, trucks, fire engines, construction sets, and police cars are found in the boys’. Convertibles, baby carriages, shopping carts, and kitchen sets are found in the girls’.

Gender is a Currency of Power in today’s society.

Not convinced? Then why is the jewelry section of every department store nearer the women’s clothing while the men’s clothing is closer to the hardware and car care sections?

And, why are annoying and pushy male executives called “assertive” while annoying and pushy female executives are called “bitch,” even by other female coworkers.

Gender is no longer merely a medical or physical definition. Gender is now a social and cultural definition. In the backward days (a term from my novel), men could be women and women could be men. If you were born with male genitalia but your soul was telling you were female, society welcomed you and offered you the opportunity to retune your genitals and morph into the proper gender.

This leads to social, cultural, and personal confusion about who can take a piss where. Transfemales (a human with a penis attached to a female mind) and Transmales (a male mind trapped by a vagina) wanted to take whiz in the public restroom of the gender by which they identified themselves. So, you have an outward looking male walking into a public toilet facility labeled Women and an outward looking female who ids as a male walking into the Men’s restroom.

Schools are thrown into the mix: Transmales want to dress and undress in the Boys’ Locker Room. Transfemales want to play on the girls’ basketball team.

Then along comes the United States Army: If a solider is psychologically proven to be trans, he or she can undergo the transformation process on the taxpayer’s dime. The question the US Army is trying to answer as of this writing is, “Should the Army allow people to enlist who id as transgender but who have not undergone the transformation procedure and who will then have the government and taxpayers foot the bill for this expensive procedure? What is the soldier’s active duty status during this time? Can he/she perform his/her duties as all other soldiers are required to do. Won’t this just encourage some to join merely to have the expensive procedure done for free to them, like the man a few years ago who couldn’t afford his cancer treatment, so he committed a crime, was convicted, sentenced to several years, and then the state had to pay for his chemo?

History bears out that Gender has not always been that easily defined over the several millennia of the Human story.

If you are a subscriber to the Genesis 3 version of creation, what Gender was the first human being? Because of the poor nature of English pronouns and personal identity, the first human being is called a “Male” and given the name “Adam”, which means First Man.

But, God saw that it was not fit for this first human to be alone. Thus, a second human was extracted from the loins of the first human. Now we have the second person described as female and given the name Eve.

I wonder if the first human created was bi-gender in nature and could self-procreate, and if, when the second human was pulled from the first human, those organs pertaining to and defining “female” were extracted, leaving behind only those reproductive organs that pertain to and define the first human as fully male.

Or, as they say in Popinjay, True Male. Thus, now we have two distinct genders: True Male and True Female, and they are told to populate Earth.

Genesis 1 version has God simply making two distinct creatures in His likeness, one Male and one Female.

The purpose of this essay is not to discuss what appears to some as a discrepancy in the Judeo-Christian story of Creation.

However, it’s interesting that Male and Female are made in the image of God. Does this mean God possesses both Male and Female attributes and dispositions?

But, I digress. Back to Gender as a Currency of Power.

Two hundred years before the events of Popinjay, a Gender Identity War was fought—a bloody and costly war with hundreds of thousands of deaths. When the war was over, a new social order was established, one in which a person’s True Gender is never in doubt.

All truths are inconvenient. Not just climate change truth or Russian hacking truth or destroying 33,000 emails truth or Gender Identity truth.

All truths are inconvenient.

If you’ve read Aubrey’s Story Parts One, Two and Three, you know how the gender reassignment process begin with one person’s desire to stop genetic gender dysmorphia.

You read that this discovery and creation was eventually seen as a way to help transpeople become the biological sex their minds, souls, psyche, whatever was telling them they were, not what was necessarily between their legs at birth.

You read about the assassination of the first transfemale president of the United States and about the coup and war that abolished the Constitution and set up a Republic run by a Caesar-like politician, and how this politician decided to use the genetic gene inhibitor Chromosome Z and the gender transformation chrysalis to form a more perfect union of Male and Female citizens.

In the Popinjay world, children are conceived in the natural way. However, the embryo receives a genetic gender inhibitor, Chromosome Z, that prevents the developing body from producing a gender specific hormone to transform the embryo into either male or female.

Once the child is born, they receive boosters for sixteen years to ensure the gender hormones are not naturally activated by the child’s body.

For sixteen years, the nongender child (referred to simply as a nongen) attends school and pretty much studies the same curriculum school children have been beaten over the head with for generations.

Because these children have no gender, the ambiguous plural pronouns are used by and to refer to them. They are forbidden to be addressed by or to address other children by the gender pronouns he/she, him/her, his/hers.

Along with the mundane school lessons, the children are given instruction on the history and purpose of Gender, of the roles (both separate and collective roles) Males and Females play in society, and begin the process of trying to determine which True Gender they are.

Strict laws forbid influence by family, friends, school mates, teachers, or anybody else in society. Harsh punishments are meted out—the harshest of all being Judicial Release, the death penalty.

Children are inundated with the idea that Gender is the most important aspect of person’s identity, and no one is to be confused about their True Gender.

At sixteen, the children enter a seminary (the origin of seminary derives from “seman”) for the final intensive six months of training and testing. At the end of the six months, the student announces their True Gender at an assembly.

Students are then placed in a capsule—originally called an iron womb—and put into a controlled coma. The capsule then is flooded with a pseudo embryonic fluid. Chromosome Z is slowly neutralized while either an X Chromosome or Y Chromosome is introduced to the child’s body.

After six months of transformation, the child emerges from the chrysalis, and says, “He is risen” or “She is risen,” depending on the chosen True Gender.

The child is now a full Citigen, returns for the final year of school, and then decides (after more testing) whether to go to uni or to a votech school.

Because a person now has the power to choose their gender, all forms of sexual deviancy is eradicated. “Sexual deviancy” in the Popinjay world is any sexual activity that does not directly lead to the procreation of children. Homosexuality, bisexuality, pansexuality, and gender fluidity are all outlawed as anti-social, deviant, and non-progressive activities and considered to the ultimate acts of selfishness and narcissism.

Science isn’t perfect. Sometimes the Chromosome Z inhibitor fails, and a child is born with male or female genitalia. Born with sexual organs is considered a birth defect, and the parents voluntarily give over the child to the state to be raised away from the rest of society. Such children cannot be Citigens, have limited civil rights, have no access to education beyond learning basic reading, writing, and math skills, cannot participate in social activities, nor are any of these children allowed to marry or have children on their own. They are given monthly treatments of a sexual repression drug.

Sometimes a child emerges from the chrysalis and, as happens in the womb today, the sexual chromosome has gone wild and created a person of questionable gender identity—a hermaphrodite, ambiguous genitals, or a genetic gender birth defect. These children are considered an abomination and banished to one of several backward countries, never to have contact with their families or friends.

Those not of True Male gender or True Female gender have no place in society. Those who lust after someone of their own gender are performing unnatural acts, as the sole natural purpose of gender is to perpetuate the species.

Nature abhors a vacuum, and sexual activity between any persons of the same gender is an anathema to perpetuating the species and the height of arrogance and selfishness.

But, what about the Mosiacs, the popinjays who at the Time of Choosing chose not to be morphed into either gender? What about them?

And, that, gentle reader, is the subject of  Building the World of Popinjay 04: Gender as the Currency of Power, Sub-Part Three of Three

LMG Swain

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