GenPol: Keeping the World Safe from Gender Crime

(C) 2017 by Larry Michael Garmon Swain
All Rights Reserved
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Every society needs a police force, a judiciary system with prosecutors and advocates for the state and the accused, as well as a method of maintaining and securing the borders of its country.

GenPol in full riot gear, with stinger extended. (C) Grant R. Barclay, 2017

In Popinjay, Gender Police, GenPol, are the daily enforcers of society’s rules and ensure the daily security of the populace. Although they are not by definition “military”, they are often referred to as “militzia”, a corruption of the Russian word “militsiya”, and are equivalent to state police.

GenPol are NonGens who chose not to select a True Gender while in the Gender Education and Assignment Seminary. These individuals sense a calling that transcends gender, in much the same way Catholic priests and nuns forsake their gender to serve a higher calling (or so the theory goes).

When a NonGen announces “I am No Gender”, the announcement is received with reverence and awe. The NonGen is taken from the announcement assembly with other NonGens who have chosen no life gender and transported to an isolated facility located in a sparsely populated area of the country.

Once there, the NonGens are tested physically, mentally, emotionally, psychologically, and intellectually.

Those with a high sense of ethics, a sense of right and wrong according to society’s paradigm, are placed on the judiciary track. (Others are chosen for administrative, educational, or military tracks.)

After more testing, the judiciary NonGens who show a penchant for upholding the law through strong arm tactics–using physical confrontation and violence–are recruited as the police force. These NonGens are also somewhat psychopaths as they have no emotional connection to other humans, those PreGens and CitiGens who are in violation of the society’s laws.

GenPol have no issues in beating in the skulls of anti-social types and criminals.

The most potent weapon of the GenPol are the “stingers”, a teflon rod attached to the forearm of a GenPol. This rod is extended with a flick of the GenPol’s arm. Once extended the rod is pliable enough to be used as a whip–much in the same way the Shariah police in some Muslim communities use whips when they witness a citizen publicly behaving in a way contrary to Sharia law*.

On some occasions, more force is necessary to either subdue the offender, as a method of crowd control, or as a means of defense and self protection.

This other force comes at the tip of the stinger and gives the device its nickname. The round tip is a taser prod firing 50,000 volts. A GenPol activates the taser prod mentally by means of the rice sized computer chip in the perlicue of the left hand when the GenPol feels they are in danger or sense that the offender or the crowd needs extra persuasion to obey.

As with NonGens selected for military service, a GenPol is given rigorous physical and mental training in much the same vein SEALS are trained. Because they are have no complete genetic gender marker, a GenPol is given boosters of Z Chromosome to maintain non-gender balance and steroids to boost muscle mass. GenPol have a tendency to favor male physical and mental traits, especially the tendency towards violence.

If the steroids are not strictly monitored, a GenPol will overly develop and even suffer roid-rage.

GenPol are both highly respected and equally feared. They always travel in pairs.

However, because of the Z Chromosome and steroid treatment, a GenPol can go into what the Anglo-Saxons called “berserkergang”. It’s best to make a wide berth when passing two GenPols, just in case.

The picture accompanying this article looks frightening, somewhat alien. This is a GenPol in full riot gear. The purpose of the full riot gear is to instill fear and dread, to present the GenPol in much the same way the “berserkers” wore frightening skins of animals.

Everyday uniforms are less threatening, even friendly and inviting, just as the police forces of many of today’s cities have an everyday uniform and also have full riot gear for more dangerous situations. However, the stinger is always an essential part of the GenPol’s uniform, whether everyday uniform or riot gear uniform.

NonGen children, also referred to as PreGens, look up to the GenPol as heroes of society.

GenPol do have a social life and will mingle with other NonGens from the various branches of government but never with CitiGens or PreGens. Because they are NonGens, they have, effectively, taken a “vow of celibacy” and do not display affection for other NonGens, or so the theory goes. However, they do like to unwind and have a bit of fun. They participate in NonGen activities such as team handball (but a much more violent and brutal version–like rugby), Iron “Man” style competitions, and extreme fighting (to the death, of course).

As with all life NonGens, the life span of a GenPol is much shorter than CitiGens (those who chose one of the the two TrueGenders). The average NonGen lives to their mid-40s.

LMG Swain

*Before anyone accuses me of being culturally insensitive or Islamophobic because I reference the Sharia police of SOME Muslim communities, do your research about this topic. If I am wrong, please direct me to your references.





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