GenPol: Keeping the World Safe from Gender Crime

In Popinjay, Gender Police, GenPol, are the daily enforcers of society’s rules and ensure the daily security of the populace. Although they are not by definition “military”, they are often referred to as “militzia”, a corruption of the Russian word “militsiya”, and are equivalent to state police.

Building ‘Popinjay’, Part 01: Self-Exceptionalism

None of that really matters much without first acknowledging that my speculative fiction story is NOT a prediction or forecasting of the future. No true speculive fiction is attempting to do so. A speculative fiction story that is more about the advancements of technology than the state of Humanity is little more than a windy infomercial of wonders yet to be, if they are to be at a

My Name is Mike, and I’m a Writer: Writing is Like an Addiction Step Program

There is more of craft in writing than art. I know a few of the MFA Creative Writing gurus will disagree. However, writers have more in common with blacksmiths than with philosophers. We hammer away at the forge of Story, pounding our red hot words into a shape that will not only be pleasing to our readers but also purposeful and useful.