LMG Swain
Many a dramatic sitution begins with screaming and ends with a deathly silence.


From my earliest memories, I've only had two dreams for my life: To teach and to write.

People chuckle when they ask me, "How you doing?" and I reply, "Living the dream."

Perhaps they think I'm being sarcastic.

I'm not.

I am living my Dream--I've taught for 33 years, and I have 14 published novels.

I love stories--to tell them and to hear them.

Here are my stories.
What's your story?

LMG Swain with best friend and muse, Lisa
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Art shouldn't be a crime; however, when best selling mystery writer and ace sleuth Agatha Pixie gets her paws on The Omma Lisa, the world's most famous painting, evildoers are determined to paint the town from a palette of mischief and mayhem to take the painting from her.
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